*iz tired*

Dec. 3rd, 2008 09:29 pm
It has been a long day, flist. For reals.

I actually woke up at a normal time this morning (about 8am) and was all set to do prductive things (eg. wash my hair, which takes forever because it's a bitch to curl in) and clean my room etc. Then I decided to check my flist "really quickly. really really quickly". Then it was 11 o'clock. STOP BEING SO ENDLESSLY FASCINATING, ALL OF YOU. Then I had to scramble to get ready in time to go to lunch with two old friends from high school (which, granted was only two years ago, but feels a whole lot longer) and just barely managed to dry my hair in time (Joe Trohman fro, anyone?) (wow, I need to stop with the parentheses.) Lunch was sooooo good, I had quesedilas with extra bacon (my first taste of bacon in almost a year and it was wonderful )and a berry shake and great conversation.

Then, after my appointment with my psych, which I really want to make a seperate post about, I saw HSM3 with my sister. My lack of shame, let me show you it. That movie has become one of my happly places. There's singing and dancing and little boys in junkyards and pretty dresses and jazz squares. What's not to love? Also, Zac Efron needs to take of his shirt more. Maybe that would distract me from his terrible acting. Just sayin'.

Now, i have a burger (chicken because the useless restaurant "don't serve veg burgers, sorry") and wonderful fic to read and I am HAPPY. If you guys haven't read Staring Through The Demons by [livejournal.com profile] bexless  yet, I suggest you get on it. It's amazing!

My Chemical Romance. I ... have nothing to say except that I love these boys so much it hurts and I want to swim in fic about their ridiculous faces. That is all.

ETA: So, my hair's kind of wet from running around in the rain, so I've tied it up off my neck with a bandanna. it gets really hot otherwise. Of course, my sister has to kill my buzz (it was a good idea! I dry my hair, I stay cool, everybody wins!) by saying "dude, what's with the bandanna? You look like you're trying to be, I don't know, gay and a gansta at the same time."]

THANK YOU. THANK YOU SO MUCH. As if that's even a bad idea. Maybe I was going for that look. YOU DON'T KNOW.



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