Bad news...

Sep. 5th, 2008 03:22 pm
So, I've got the same story as a lot of people seem to have: now that school's started, I don't have as much time for bandom. Of course, I've been at school for about a month and a half, so it seems to have taken me a while to figure this out. But fourth quarter is about to start for us, which means exams which means PANIC. Well, that's what it would ususally mean, but I'm trying to turn that around this year.

Ususally, exam time is horrible. I sink into this pool pf depression because I waste so much time doing unrelated shit that I don't have enough time to study. I always pass (and usually, I do pretty well because I'm one of THOSE kids), but the stress really isn't worth it. So I might not be commenting and posting as much as I did (which, tbh? Wasn't all that mauch), but I'll still be here.  

In completely unrelated news, I finally watched An Inconvenient Truth (I know, epic fail: self) and it was AMAZING. It was sad and inspiring and hopeful and it made my heart HURT to see what we've done to this planet. It's really fucked up. But, the best part is, we can turn it around, we just have to GET OFF OUR ASSES. Seriously people, if you don't see this and feel this desire to change, I suspect that you aren't human.

And to [ profile] zany_maiden , worry not, I'll care for our totally-real-and-not-at-all-creepy internet baby with tender loving care. ;)
Once again, I must aplogise for my spelling. Ugh, I hate finding typos in stuff I've already posted. *is a perfectionist*

I'm up late (3.13am people!), working on my Economics tut. I kind of slept for the whole day, so 'm really REALLY alert right now. Should I just pull an all-nighter and try get more work done? But then I'll run the risk of being a zombie for the rest of Sunday, AND not being able to sleep on Monday. I hate that I can't be productive at more normal hours. 

Anyway. I think I need more lj friends. As in, people I actually become FRIENDS with, not just people I cyber-stalk. Just saying.



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