Why do I always forget how much I love Howl until I listen to it? I mean, I always kind of think "gee whiz, I love Empires!" and then I kind of... forget? Of course, there are a couple of songs that I listen to basically every day (namely "Under the Bright Lights" and "Haley" and "I Want Blood") but still! /o\ Now I am listening to it and I'm blown away all over again. Sean's voice is... quite possibly the best thing in the world. 

Some recs!

nobody's looking for a puppeteer in today's wintry economic climate by [livejournal.com profile] battleofhydaspe . I read Empires fic! Well, one fic. And now I'm wondering, WHERE IS ALL THE REST OF IT? Perhaps it exists and I am just so faily that I haven't noticed? Sadly, this is very plausible. The point is I read this last night. It's Sean/Tom (hello new OTP, come on in and out your feet up) and it's kind of ridiculously great. They're just two guys and it's just a normal night, but it's so well-written that everything about it is special. Yeah, just read it. I suck at explaining.

flying into the sun by [livejournal.com profile] stealstheashes . Ryan/Spencer  An incredible universe in which everyone has wings until they lose they're virginty... I mean, what more do you need? My favorite aspect of this fic was THE WINGS the relationship Ryan and Spencer had, fragile but at the same time they were always RyanandSpencer, even when they weren't talking. Also, Brendon. He doesn't show up very much, but when he does it's gold.

So! I have done my good deed for the day by encouraging you to read about sexy times and wings and love and shit. Now, food! I went to the dentist this morning and my mouth hurt too much to eat anything all day. Essentially, I haven't eaten in 14 hours and I kind of want to hit somebody. My mouth feels less ow ow omg ow, so I'm going to give it the old college try. *crosses fingers* In other tooth-related news, my wisdom teeth come out in a couple of weeks. Yeah, I'm looking forward to drooling for 2 days straight, and my face swelling up. I also appreciate the fact that they give your teeth back to you. Nothing says Get Well Soon! like a baggie full of gunk and molars. \o/
Hi! *waves* Hiiiii!

I have no idea why I am so damn perky. I mean, sure, I get paid today and I wrote some ridiculously angsty backstory for GSF last night ([livejournal.com profile] unlurkster I need to email this to you so you can tell em I'm not crazy!) and there's fog outside... These are all causes for excitement in my very small universe. Especially the fog. I live in a desert. It is dry as fuck. I looked outside this morning, and I couldn't see the road. Or my driveway. Or much of anything, really. Weird weather just gets me all riled up; it's unexpected so I feel like maybe something unexpected will happen today. *crosses fingers* Like, say, if my manager decided to UNEXPECTEDLY double my paycheck today, I wouldn't mind.

Last night, I watched Motown week of American Idols. (Yeah, we're kind of ridiculously behind over here. Please don't spoil me? I already have to contend with one of my co-workers trying to tell me who's been eliminated; walking around with your hands clamped over your ears and going "lalalalalaLALALALALA" is very tiring.) The point is, WHY DO I NOT OWN A "BEST OF MOTOWN " ALBUM? Or even a "The Kind Of OK of Motown" album. Motown is awesome! I mean, my mom and I were dancing around and smiling like idiots and we kept yelling things like "what? WHAT?" and "they don't make music like this anymore" and "boooooooooty" (that was me). Yelling because we decided to see just how loudly our speakers can play. (Hint: it's very loud.)
So if anyone has some Motown, I'd really appreciate it? :D? :D? (And it would make my mom really happy. Which is never a bad thing.)

Um, there's a whole lot of stuff I wanted to say, about therapy on Wednesday, and recs and so on. But I have to go to work ($$$). When I get back, though! It is on.

So. Um. I might have seen High School Musical this weekend?


It was so wonderfully bad. Guys, seriously, you have to see it, you'll laugh til you cry, and then laugh some more. There's junkyard dancing! Dancing on rooftops! Gabriella doesn't make me want to punch her in the face with her adorableness! Troy's emo dance on the ceiling! Random singing in the middle of a basketball game! Jamie form SYTYCD 3! Ryan wears GALOSHES!

Ok, done flailing.

Also, I watched this Panic interview. I think they were in... Sweden? I don't know.

I just found it endlessly entaertaining. Brendon looks pretty uninterested, and I felt kinda bad for the interviewer. She was really trying hard to get something out of him. Alos, Jon's allergic to candy! His life, so hard! Honestly, I don't hink I could love this band any more than I already do.


Sep. 18th, 2008 09:30 pm

Wow, flist. I HAVE NEVER BEEN SO TIRED. Honestly, even on days when I get only 3 hours of sleep? Yeah, I feel better than this. It's like my everything is just tired and achey and sore and I'm going to stop whining now.

My therapist rescheduled. Sadface. But hey, at least I'm going to start going again. Also, I have a Philosophy test tomorrow. I'm pretty well prepared, so I'm not stressing too much. (The one plus of being so drained is that being stressed isn't even an option.)

God, I don't even have anyhthing to say, just wanted to say to my flist. *waves* You guys are awesome, you know that?

One more thing, if you need something warm and fuzzy that will make your eyes turn into hearts, [livejournal.com profile] emilyray  and [livejournal.com profile] ignipes have written totes awesome Jon/Brendon. Seriously, the most adorable thing ever.

Wish me luck!

Well, I went out last night, and I wasn't really expecting to have fun. But it was such a blast. The whole point of the excursion was to meet one of my  friend's boyfriend, with whom she has been in a long distance relationship for about 6 months. I was actually kind of nervous; what if we didn't get along, or it was awkward etc. But I had so much fun. We went to this Italian restaurant and it was every kind of fun. And we all got along like a house on fire, The Boyfriend is hilarious. I thoroughly approve, not that it makes a difference. But it's nice to get along with your friends'  significant others. There have been a couple that we all hated and, let me tell you, sitting in a room with someone you hate leads to some awkward smalltalk. Think "Wow. It's, um. Really bright outside. Right? Yeah. Well.... I'm gonna go. Get something. Over there." Think 2 hours of that. But last night was just fun. There's no other word for it. Plus, I wasn't a shrinking violet like usual - GO ME!

On a music related note:

I've been having this love affair with Plain White T's, I love Every Second Counts. The whole album seems to be about the ups and downs of a relationship. My favorite song so far is "Making A Memory". Basically it's how I think a relationship should be: about making great memories together, not just drowning in drama. If only I would apply this to real-life situations.

More music that I've been loving: BigBang fanmixes. They are all sooooooo amazing! I don't know who did the one for Behind the Sea, but whoever you are *SQUEE HUGS*  It makes me so happy. I especially LUUUUURVE the Cahrlotte Sometimes track, "Waves and the Both of US". Amazing. That girl can sing.

Hmmmm, what else? Oooooooh, I just watched PatD live at Abbey Road- if you want the links they're here and here. I will never get tired of those boys. Their faces! Spencer, I swear, his smile is just... guh. *flails hafheartedly, tired from hours of previous flailing*
Oh, and if anyone could upload "The Weight" by The and- I adore that song. Seeing Panic perform it just reminded me that I need to get my hands on it. Why doesn't everyone spend every waking moment talking about Brendon's amazing voice? My jaw seriously dropped. It's not like it makes a difference, I already love them like burning, I don't think I could love them more. Check it out, you won't be disappointed.

I love the amazing fanart done by 

[profile] blackboggart


 Check it out, you won't be disappointed.

In conclusion, this post doesn't make sense because I feel warm and fuzzy. Happiness does not lead to coherence people.



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