So I have a Control of Financial Information systems project due tomorrow. I should probably finish it. It's kind of hard when there are so many awesome primers and  blogs and things floating around the interweb. STOP BEING AWESOME PEOPLE. 

I am so fucking happy today. I don't know what it is (Howl might have something to do with it), but I like it. I love it. I was walking around campus, smiling like an idiot. I feel... you know when your diving into a body of water, but it's a long way down? That second before you hit the surface? Yeah. That's me right now. 

Ha, could I be more emo? ;)

Life is short and life is good and we have to make the most of it. It's taken me a long time to come to that realisation; I spent a lot of time hiding. Wish I could get those years back, you know? But it's ok, I still have the ones coming up to enjoy. I just... I don't want anything bad to happen. Not before I've had my chance.

I hope you all have more fun things to do tonight than assignments on the business risks pose by HIV/AIDS. 
Kisses y'all!
Sigh, my sister says that a lot. And despite that, I still miss her. I'm a saint, y/y?

I FINALLY saw The Dark Night! It lived up to all my expectations, and then some. I'm way too tired to write anything spoilerish, but YOU GUYS: Heath Ledger. Was. Fucking. Incredible. All that stuff about a posthumous Oscar is totally believeable; he was the best (worst?) villain EVER. In case my excessive caps aren't enough of a clue: GO SEE IT NOW.

Today was a pretty fun day, I met some new people (hi Natalie! HI!) and had some nice girly talk with my new friend Deanna... Weird, since I sent a lot of time thinking that I was all alone and destined to die a hermit. I suspect that I might have been isolating myself. Just a bit.

One thing: I feel very still. As if... hmm, trying to find the right words. As if the whole world is standing still, and I'm the only one moving. But not in a bad way, it's actually kind of nice. I just had a couple of smokes while listening to my Sad Playlist (it seemed appropriate for my current mood). This is about the time I would start cutting. I didn't though, I didn't even want to. *high fives self* I don't know, sometimes I still think about it, and the temptation to do it comes back. It's scary. But I haven't in a long time and I'm planning on keeping it that way.

Flist, please tell me someone has some Empires that they want to upload for me? I haven't been able to find it anywhere, and I've been hearing such great things about it. So..... *bats eyelashes* It would be greatly appreciated.

One MORE thing (yeah, I know this is a really random collection of ideas, just how my mind works), I think I'm going to stop locking my posts. I have nothing to hide; I refuse to be ashamed about my emotions. Sure sometimes I whine pathetically, but so the fuck what? Everyone has ups and downs, and I'm tired of pretending I'm perfect.

Kisses to you all, hope you guys have a great night! (mine will be filled with the Control of Financial Information Systems. Gripping stuff.)



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