Sadly, there is truth to that subject line. today was not a good day. I'm honestly too exhausted to write about it, but I'll just say that... things have been better.

On the plus side: I finished two of my scarves! Yay! One is this gorgeous fluffy blue one that I've been putting off for about a year (sad I know) and one is a pink one that I knitted in 4 days for my cousin (amazing I know. Self-praise is fun!) So yeah, that lifted my spirits some. Maybe I'll write about all the other crap later, now I just want to bask in my awesomeness. This blue scarf is soooooo warm, I don't think I'll ever take it off!

Those two words, while they may seem inconsequential to a normal person (weirdos are more fun ANYWAY. Hmph), means a lot to me. Anyoe who has ever read anything in this journal knows that things have been rough lately. But I'm thinking that things are looking up. I've been socialising more (seriously, I was hiding in my room before!), so it's a big step for me. 

I think that the words of the Hush Sound sum things up for me:

"My heart beats way too fast to let regret sit in my lap."

Wise words. (seriously, music, especially bandom-ish music is the only thing that keeps me going sometimes). So, you know, take them to heart y'all. Life's short. On that note, I'm getting my first tattoo in about.... 6 hours! *scaredface* Does it hurt? It probably hurts. Sigh. I'll just suck it up, it'll be so worth it!

Hmmm, I just re-read this post and it seems so... disjointed. However, it's 3am and I am in no way prepared to read this!



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