Blah. Not in a good mood. I will spare you all the details. All I have to say is BLEURGH. EVERYTHING IS SUCKY. Jon is expressing my need for hugs by... sitting in front of a fence? WHATEVER HE IS SAD AND NEEDS HUGS JUST LIKE ME. My icon choice makes sense, all is well.

And now, my day in bullet points!
  • I went to therapy. It didn't suck, and I'm down to one appointment every 3 weeks! (Yeah, it used to be twice a week, so I'm not complaining)
  • Work was not awful. Less creepy propositions than usual. \o/ Bloody idiot at the counter next to mine is asking for a good shanking though. (He's kind of a sexist asshat with racist tendencies. Or perhaps he just acts that way because he knows it riles me up? Either way, DNW.)
  • No junk food for me today! Usually this would sadden me, but I am honestly sick and tired of feeling sick and tired because I'm eating stuff that I'm allergic/intolerant to. Just for the record, this list includes tomatoes, gluten, dairy, pineapples, chocolate, life and alcohol. Yeah, I don't know what I'm supposed to eat either. And I really want a gin & tonic. /o\
  • I wore my pretty blue dress today! I love it, because if I add a pair of heels (low ones, because I am weak) and black tights, it becomes work appropriate. \o/ Otherwise, it's kind of slutty. (Which is exactly why I bought it. I like a garment that can multi-task.)
  • If all of bandom continues to twitter, I might die from adorable and/or fail. (Pete has Brendon in his bed! And Bill in the bathtub! And the cutest baby pictures! I think I have permanent heart eyes.)
  • Lastly, an announcement. I'm pretty sure you all know that [ profile] ashlein is my platonic lifemate, and that we are going to live in a pillowfort one day and eat cake while bedazzling everything in sight. What, you didn't know? Well, now you do! And it is my pleasure to inform you that [ profile] unlurkster is my partner in creepy and the Way of the Stalker. Both of these ladies are amazing. It can't be said enough. :D
And, that's it? Wow, i'm boring and lazy. Whatever, lists are more fun than actual well structured posts. EVERYONE KNOWS IT'S TRUE.

I hope you all had a good April Fool's Day? Anything noteworthy happen?

EDIT: Because I am faily, i forgot to mention something. BLACK GOLD. WHY AREN'T YOU LISTENING TO THEM RIGHT NOW? Just, give them a chance, you won't be disappointed. Here, have Breakdown. It's catchy and it makes me smile (even though it's not the most upbeat subject material in the world) and it is totally the song that I strut down the street to. It's just that kind of song.

EDIT 2: Here is the whole album, in case anyone's interested? Let me know if the link isn't working. :D?


Oct. 31st, 2008 09:19 pm

Oh, god, I want to make a proper post, I just can't work up the energy to do so right now. It's not like very much happened today.

- Went secondhand book hunting with my bff Sarah, managed to find some decent stuff.

- I then scared said friend with my unhealthy obsession with Panic at the Disco and all things Decaydance. I can't help it if today happened to be the day I was wearing some band merch. And carrying a FOB messenger bag. And a Panic notebook. IT WAS A COINCIDENCE, I AM NOT A STALKER. So there, Sarah.

- There are bugs everywhere. Stupid rainy season combined with extreme heat. They seem to multiply everytime I turn my back. Eww.

- I helped my mom roast about 14kgs of chicken pieces. There's a family do tomorrow, so we were in charge of some of the eats (clearly I have a HUGE family, even before you factor in the random people who just show up for food. Which I hate. But this is not that post, the one about people taking you for a ride. I'll save that delicious morsel for another day). I never want to see a piece of chicken again, no matter how delicious and spicy it is. Mmmmm. Okay, maybe just one more tiny piece.

- I'm alone at home right now, which I kind of hate; I get freaked out really easily. Also, it's Halloween. Not that, you know, we actually celebrate it. But still, kind of freaked right now.

Sorry my life is so boring y'all.


So, today wasn't bad. This was the first therapy session that wasn't incredibly painful, and I managed to look my therapist in the eyes the whole time (usually I talk to the floor and my hands) so I consider that a big win.

I had Family Fun Time! It didn't suck! My adorable cousin is turning 8 on Saturday, and she begged me to take her to see HSM 3.... clearly I HAVE to take her. What kind of sicko would see it three times in a week deny a child such as imple pleasure? Ahem.

Also, my sister sent me books! She's my favorite (dude, if you're reading this: SEND MORE. AM BORED.) and I'm glad we chatted today. Even though I can barely get a word in edgewise half the time. Sigh. She's still awesome though. (SERIOUSLY NEED MOAR BOOKS)

What else? I ate an apple today. This might sound like an everyday occurence, but this one was truly monstrous. It was the size of an infants head. I kid you not. And I ate every sweet delicious morsel of the apple. Om nom.

What else? Good lord, nothing happened today. i cleaned some windows. I ate a truly monstrous... oh wait, said that already. My life is pretty boring of late, tbh, *shrugs*
Seriously, NOTHING happened today. I went out to luch with my brother and my dad (FREE FOOD), and had some delicious Italian sounding thing. It had tuna and peas and garlic and heavy cream and rosemary and I wanted to die it was so good.

I also had numerous x-rays of my hand taken. This was rather unpleasant, as I had to bend over the x-ray table in a rather suggestive position for about half an hour while turning my hands over and over. Also, the x-ray technician had a really strong accent, which made communication pretty hard. She kept asking me to... I don't know what, and then I'd delicately furrow my brow at her and she'd come out of her safe-box and readjust me. It sounds hotter than it was.

Then I read Harry Potter fic. I don't care if Malfoy is a total prat in the books, Harry/Draco is my OTP for sure. Harry/Hermione always seemed kind of incestuous to me.

Now, I'm listening to Jack's Mannequin and LOVING ANDREW! He's so talented! And awesome! And his voice makes me go "nnnnngh"/cry/dance around/all of the above.

ETA: Why do all my "happy" icons look identical.


Um, what?

Aug. 25th, 2008 06:08 pm
Ok, so I disappear for 2 days and now there's an FOB mixtape floating around? *is confused* WHERE IS THIS MYSTERIOUS TAPE OF AWESOME? Yeah, I fail so hard, I can't even find it. Sigh.

I should post about my weekend, but I'm a lazy bitch today. I will, however, say that it involved the following:

Strawberries from heaven
A concert
Wandering the streets of Cape Town with my girls
Inhaling about a boxful of cigarettes worth of secondhand smoke
CUTE BOYS EVERYWHERE (seriously, I love this town)
Fast Times At Barrington High

.... And that was just Saturday night. ALso, I'm feeling waaaaaay better so \o/
And it's sitting directly on my chest. Seriously, how am I meant to BREATHE? Damn you, flu. And damn you, weak immune system (who waits till the middle of spring to be lame).

How's everyone's weekend? Good so far? I'm eating the most beautiful strawberries in the world. Living here does have its perks...

Ok, so my Sunday was kind of weird.

I'm sick A LOT, which is just something that I have come to terms with. But on Sunday, something really weird happened. 

So yeah, maybe it's time for some reevaluating. I'm sorry for the disjointed nature of this post. It's late and I just wanted to write. Will fix it tomorrow, I swear.

Also, there's nothing like Fall Out Boy when you're about to lose your shit. I swear, at this point I'm held together with spit and music.



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