Feb. 11th, 2009 07:43 am
So, on the plus side, I feel less disgusting. In the minus side? 3 hours and 43 minutes of sleep. Really? REALLY? \:< (<----- that is my grumpy face. it does not approve)

On the (really huge) plus side, I have AAR and Hey Monday to listen to. And Abbey Road and a whole bunch of other random stuff.

I plan to spend the morning glued to the couch. Nothing like TV on a rainy morning.

ETA: Alex DeLeon (Singer from The Cab) is surprisingly eloquent. And unsurprisingly adorable. I think that blog is the first bandom blog I've ever commented on?


Dec. 12th, 2008 11:22 am
Dear uterus,


Yours sincerely

Seriously, NOTHING happened today. I went out to luch with my brother and my dad (FREE FOOD), and had some delicious Italian sounding thing. It had tuna and peas and garlic and heavy cream and rosemary and I wanted to die it was so good.

I also had numerous x-rays of my hand taken. This was rather unpleasant, as I had to bend over the x-ray table in a rather suggestive position for about half an hour while turning my hands over and over. Also, the x-ray technician had a really strong accent, which made communication pretty hard. She kept asking me to... I don't know what, and then I'd delicately furrow my brow at her and she'd come out of her safe-box and readjust me. It sounds hotter than it was.

Then I read Harry Potter fic. I don't care if Malfoy is a total prat in the books, Harry/Draco is my OTP for sure. Harry/Hermione always seemed kind of incestuous to me.

Now, I'm listening to Jack's Mannequin and LOVING ANDREW! He's so talented! And awesome! And his voice makes me go "nnnnngh"/cry/dance around/all of the above.

ETA: Why do all my "happy" icons look identical.



Oct. 27th, 2008 09:57 pm

Sooooo. random thoughts:

If Obama doesn't win, I'll have to cut Sarah Palin a bitch.

I want chocolate, but nooooo. Nutritionist says I can't have any. *is sad*

I'm totally going to see High School Musical again and I don't care.

I have no idea what my Nano story is going to be about. I have about 4 different ideas, and I kind of need to get serious and pick on dammit.

I want Jack's Mannequin! Stupid lame Southern Hemisphere.

That is all. Hope everyone on my flist is doing fantastically. i figure good wishes are the least I owe you guys after all the cheering up you do for me!

oh noes!

Oct. 14th, 2008 10:31 am
Guys. The world has officially ended.

I am allergic to chocolate. CHOCOLATE. Food of the gods, the ultimate comfort food. My fav thing EVER. Also on the list:

red meat
black pepper


That is all.


Sep. 18th, 2008 09:30 pm

Wow, flist. I HAVE NEVER BEEN SO TIRED. Honestly, even on days when I get only 3 hours of sleep? Yeah, I feel better than this. It's like my everything is just tired and achey and sore and I'm going to stop whining now.

My therapist rescheduled. Sadface. But hey, at least I'm going to start going again. Also, I have a Philosophy test tomorrow. I'm pretty well prepared, so I'm not stressing too much. (The one plus of being so drained is that being stressed isn't even an option.)

God, I don't even have anyhthing to say, just wanted to say to my flist. *waves* You guys are awesome, you know that?

One more thing, if you need something warm and fuzzy that will make your eyes turn into hearts, [ profile] emilyray  and [ profile] ignipes have written totes awesome Jon/Brendon. Seriously, the most adorable thing ever.

Wish me luck!
And it's sitting directly on my chest. Seriously, how am I meant to BREATHE? Damn you, flu. And damn you, weak immune system (who waits till the middle of spring to be lame).

How's everyone's weekend? Good so far? I'm eating the most beautiful strawberries in the world. Living here does have its perks...

Good night flist, here's to hoping y'all are doing better.

ETA: Do you guys ever have days when your best frined drives you up the wall. I felt really bad about it, but everything this friend did made me tense up. Which is weird, because usually she can do no wrong. And I'm not the subtlest person on the planet, so she probably noticed. SO. Drama will ensue.



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