Oct. 31st, 2008 09:19 pm

Oh, god, I want to make a proper post, I just can't work up the energy to do so right now. It's not like very much happened today.

- Went secondhand book hunting with my bff Sarah, managed to find some decent stuff.

- I then scared said friend with my unhealthy obsession with Panic at the Disco and all things Decaydance. I can't help it if today happened to be the day I was wearing some band merch. And carrying a FOB messenger bag. And a Panic notebook. IT WAS A COINCIDENCE, I AM NOT A STALKER. So there, Sarah.

- There are bugs everywhere. Stupid rainy season combined with extreme heat. They seem to multiply everytime I turn my back. Eww.

- I helped my mom roast about 14kgs of chicken pieces. There's a family do tomorrow, so we were in charge of some of the eats (clearly I have a HUGE family, even before you factor in the random people who just show up for food. Which I hate. But this is not that post, the one about people taking you for a ride. I'll save that delicious morsel for another day). I never want to see a piece of chicken again, no matter how delicious and spicy it is. Mmmmm. Okay, maybe just one more tiny piece.

- I'm alone at home right now, which I kind of hate; I get freaked out really easily. Also, it's Halloween. Not that, you know, we actually celebrate it. But still, kind of freaked right now.

Sorry my life is so boring y'all.


So, today wasn't bad. This was the first therapy session that wasn't incredibly painful, and I managed to look my therapist in the eyes the whole time (usually I talk to the floor and my hands) so I consider that a big win.

I had Family Fun Time! It didn't suck! My adorable cousin is turning 8 on Saturday, and she begged me to take her to see HSM 3.... clearly I HAVE to take her. What kind of sicko would see it three times in a week deny a child such as imple pleasure? Ahem.

Also, my sister sent me books! She's my favorite (dude, if you're reading this: SEND MORE. AM BORED.) and I'm glad we chatted today. Even though I can barely get a word in edgewise half the time. Sigh. She's still awesome though. (SERIOUSLY NEED MOAR BOOKS)

What else? I ate an apple today. This might sound like an everyday occurence, but this one was truly monstrous. It was the size of an infants head. I kid you not. And I ate every sweet delicious morsel of the apple. Om nom.

What else? Good lord, nothing happened today. i cleaned some windows. I ate a truly monstrous... oh wait, said that already. My life is pretty boring of late, tbh, *shrugs*



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