So. Um. I might have seen High School Musical this weekend?


It was so wonderfully bad. Guys, seriously, you have to see it, you'll laugh til you cry, and then laugh some more. There's junkyard dancing! Dancing on rooftops! Gabriella doesn't make me want to punch her in the face with her adorableness! Troy's emo dance on the ceiling! Random singing in the middle of a basketball game! Jamie form SYTYCD 3! Ryan wears GALOSHES!

Ok, done flailing.

Also, I watched this Panic interview. I think they were in... Sweden? I don't know.

I just found it endlessly entaertaining. Brendon looks pretty uninterested, and I felt kinda bad for the interviewer. She was really trying hard to get something out of him. Alos, Jon's allergic to candy! His life, so hard! Honestly, I don't hink I could love this band any more than I already do.

Good night flist, here's to hoping y'all are doing better.

ETA: Do you guys ever have days when your best frined drives you up the wall. I felt really bad about it, but everything this friend did made me tense up. Which is weird, because usually she can do no wrong. And I'm not the subtlest person on the planet, so she probably noticed. SO. Drama will ensue.

I feel so disoriented right now. This may or may not have something to do with the fact that I've been awake for the better part of 24 hours. And I have a SHITLOAD of work. There's no getting out of it though, I'll just ave to suck it up. 

I have internet! Yay! Now, if you could all stop being so awesome on it, maybe I could lead a normal life. Wait, that makes me sound like a crazy lady who doesn't ever leave the house. Except maybe to buy catfood. I don't even own a cat, just so you know. I like to think that I'm a perfectly (well, relatively really) normal young lady. What the rest of the world thinks? Who really cares? God, writing such bull should not be allowed.

I am incredibly jealous of everyone who got to see empires. I LOVE empires, guys, it just took me a while to give them a chance. But now? I would give anything to see them live. See anyone live, really. Why won't you come to South Africa, boys? It would be awesome! You actually have a fanbase here, so it wouldn't be weird or anything. I was actually surprised at how many My Chem fans there are here. Sadly, I have yet to meet anyone (save my sister) who evens knows who The Academy Is... and Cobra Starship ARE. How can you NOT know?! Their lives have yet to be enriched by Gabe's tallness and William's prettiness and the short shorts and hater blockers and truly awful colour combinations. 

My body aches today. This may have something to do with the fact that I walked about 12 kms today. Stupid bank. I managed to get my bank situation sorted out (meaning I got a new card just in time for someone to present me with my wallet and my old card), but I had to go 3 times. In one day. It's not far people. And it was hot today. *is whiny* Ok, all done.

Song of the day: Under The Bright Lights by empires. Yeah, I kow my fangirlishness is getting annoying but they deserve it. And more.

ETA: Guuuuuuyyyyys! I need the cab. Seriously, I can't get it here. I keep hearing about how awesome they are and I've heard Vegas Skies (which is fantastic), but that's it. Please, anyone?



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