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Hi! *waves* Hiiiii!

I have no idea why I am so damn perky. I mean, sure, I get paid today and I wrote some ridiculously angsty backstory for GSF last night ([livejournal.com profile] unlurkster I need to email this to you so you can tell em I'm not crazy!) and there's fog outside... These are all causes for excitement in my very small universe. Especially the fog. I live in a desert. It is dry as fuck. I looked outside this morning, and I couldn't see the road. Or my driveway. Or much of anything, really. Weird weather just gets me all riled up; it's unexpected so I feel like maybe something unexpected will happen today. *crosses fingers* Like, say, if my manager decided to UNEXPECTEDLY double my paycheck today, I wouldn't mind.

Last night, I watched Motown week of American Idols. (Yeah, we're kind of ridiculously behind over here. Please don't spoil me? I already have to contend with one of my co-workers trying to tell me who's been eliminated; walking around with your hands clamped over your ears and going "lalalalalaLALALALALA" is very tiring.) The point is, WHY DO I NOT OWN A "BEST OF MOTOWN " ALBUM? Or even a "The Kind Of OK of Motown" album. Motown is awesome! I mean, my mom and I were dancing around and smiling like idiots and we kept yelling things like "what? WHAT?" and "they don't make music like this anymore" and "boooooooooty" (that was me). Yelling because we decided to see just how loudly our speakers can play. (Hint: it's very loud.)
So if anyone has some Motown, I'd really appreciate it? :D? :D? (And it would make my mom really happy. Which is never a bad thing.)

Um, there's a whole lot of stuff I wanted to say, about therapy on Wednesday, and recs and so on. But I have to go to work ($$$). When I get back, though! It is on.

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